Tuesday, 6 December 2011

FurFree 2011

And now heres an animation piece that got a little more recognized.
As part of our external collaboration brief in year 2, myself and some good chums (listed in the credits) took on the task of animating an anti-fur message for the FurFree Alliance's 2011 Design against fur contest.

 (WARNING. May not be for the squeamish.)

The idea is that the perspective shifts from a cute and cuddley kid-friendly style to a gritty, depressing realistic one. Basically suggesting that those colourful appealing animal characters from animations you may have seen in the past are being subjected to horrible things in real life. Thus the tagline 'a grim reality.'

Anyway, preety much all the 2D stuff, with the exception of the silhouetted humans and vehicles was animated by me.
It was a tricky road, as this was the first time any of us had collaborated on something of this scale. But since we won and got £80 each I think it was worth it!

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