Tuesday, 6 December 2011


Okay. I think I should fill you in on what I've been working on recently.
Basically, as this semester's main animation project. I am retelling the story of Heracles/Hercules and his twelve tasks. I knew immediately that this is what I wanted to do the second we were given 'Myths and Legends' as one of our Project brief options.
My idea was to make a 'trailer' for a never to be released modern day adaptation of the famous story. And as is my style, intended to make it as over the top and hard to be taken seriously as possible.

But first we needed a modern day Hercules. And Arnie Schwarzenegger in New york simply wouldnt do.
Although a man with the strength of a God does require an awesome physique.

Although this version would take place in an American city, it would definately help if the character designs retained some 'greeky' elements to them. As such, I looked to all the ancient Greek pots and paintings for an idea on how to render on how to draw the faces and body details.

Though my version would be considerably less nude.

Throughout his many different interpretations, I've found that Hercules works best with some good old manly facial hair. And a moustache obscuring his mouth (when closed) would definately work for a strong, silent hero. I tried a number of more 'pointy' looks for his face to better resemble the face profiles of the greek paintings, but in the end I settled on a more burly, straight edged look.

Of course he has to be shirtless! He's Hercules! Plus in this he is a pro wrestler in deep debt so he can definately get away with it.
And yes. As a bit of a comic book fan, the incredibly wide shoulders are definately inspired by the works of Bruce Timm.

Now those are some man shoulders right there.

Now that the character had been designed, it was time to modernise the titular tasks. Though all twelve would not be included, there were some that were essential. Such as the Hydra, Boar, Nemean Lion and Cerberus. And for comic effect, a less essential one. Ie: cleaning the stables.
With the exception of the last one, this was actaully rather easy. The Hydra would instead be a steet gang, the Boar a wrestler and the Lion a rival mafia boss in a golden furcoat. Though to give the trailer a special kind of 'oomph' I decided that the prospect of a Three headed dog should be unchanged and left as a decent trailer ender.

Here was the initial animatic

roughanimatic from Liam Amor on Vimeo.

My hope was that it would come off as 'so bad and over the top that its funny' but I didnt really pull this off. It was suggested that I used more quirky humor that I had apparently made a name for myself with. 
So although the initial forula of the animation was working, it was time to go back to the drawing board on what would happen between each 'blackout'.

The result?
Well check back in a few days when I post the final version!

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